Premiere date: Friday, 16.09.2016
Author: Max Frisch
Director: Gábor Tompa


Premiere date: Sunday, 03.04.2016
Author: Michael Frayn
Director: Wolf E. Rahlfs
Premiere date: Sunday, 31.01.2016
Author: Antoine de Saint-Exupéry
Director: Peter Kerek
Premiere date: Saturday, 12.12.2015
Author: Volker Schmidt
Director: Volker Schmidt
Premiere date: Friday, 18.09.2015
Author: based on Urmuz
Director: Helmut Stürmer
Premiere date: Sunday, 15.03.2015
Author: Lev Kazarnovskis
Director: Simona Vintilă
Premiere date: Saturday, 07.03.2015
Author: Andrea Gavriliu
Director: Andrea Gavriliu
Premiere date: Sunday, 25.01.2015
Author: based on Euripides and Aeschylus; Stage version by Benedek Zsolt
Director: Bocsárdi László
Premiere date: Saturday, 29.09.2012
Author: Herta Müller
Director: Niky Wolcz




The European Theatre Festival Eurothalia from Timișoara - the sixth edition: “Europe, where to?“

The German Stat Theatre Timisoara (GSTT), together with Timisoara City Hall, are organizing the sixth edition of the European Theatre Festival Eurothalia in the period7th - 14th of October 2016.This year’s programme includes some of the most important European theatre companies like SHE SHE POP, RIMINI APPARAT, MAXIM GORKI... More...

Gábor Tompa stages a play of Max Frisch at the German State Theatre Timișoara

The German State Theatre Timișoara is preparing the first premiere of the season 2016/2017: the play “The Fire Raisers” by Max Frisch, directed by Gábor Tompa.The premiere is taking place onFriday, 16th September 2016, at 7,30 pm,the next performance is onSaturday, 17th September 2016, at 7,30pm.The performances take place in the hall of the... More...

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