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German State Theatre Timișoara

Răzvan Bordoș (a.G.)

Răzvan Bordoș holds a degree in Set Design from the UNATC Bucharest (2015), graduating in 2017 from the Master's program in Set Design of the same institution, in the class of set designer Ștefan Caragiu. His debut in scenography was the production of Ignacio del Moral's The Night of the Bear, staged at the Comedy Theatre in 2017. Among the performances for which he has designed the set are They Shoot Horses, Don't They? (National Theatre Târgu-Mureș, Tompa Miklós Company, 2018), Games in the Backyard, (State Theatre Constanta, 2020), Insects (Municipal Theatre Bacovia, 2022), The Orchard (Matei Vișniec Theatre, Suceava 2023). In the sphere of independent theater, Răzvan Bordoș collaborated with Unteatru. 

Current performances