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German State Theatre Timișoara

The International Youth Theatre Festival in German Language, now at its 17th edition, will be hold  21st -26th of April 2016 at the German State Theatre Timisoara (GSTT) and the “Nikolaus Lenau” Theoretical Highschool in Timisoara.

Performances program
(The shows will not be translated into Romanian, except for the one on the 21st of April 2016)

Thursday, the 21st of April 2016
19 o’clock - Opening ceremony
19:30 o clock - "Actually, it’s beautiful" by Volker Schmidt, a GSTT production (with Romanian translation) 

Friday, the 22nd of April 2016
15 o’clock - "Life as a story" by Sînziana Popescu, NiL Junior group (Timișoara)
17 o’clock - "Antigona" by Sofocle, Stuttgart (Germany) and Sanktannja (Sântana)
19 o’clock -"The fifth swan" after Paul Everac, grupa Bukowinder Phoenix (Ukraine)

Saturday, 23rd of April 2016
15 o’clock - "Rost the knight heads off to school", Lustigen group (German Cultural Center Timisoara)
                   - "Lady Minister" by Branislav Nušić, Valjevo group (Serbia)
17 o’clock - "Identity Loss", Film Ab group (Iași) 
19 o’clock - "Martyrs" by Marius von Mayenburg, grupa NiL (Timișoara)

Sunday, the 24th of April 
15 o’clock -"Romeo and Juliet", Felix group (Croatia)
                   - "Bank of man", Sturm group (Croatia)
17 o’clock - "Always Ultra" Clemens Schäfer, NiL Junior group (Timișoara)
19 o’clock -"So or so" by Oliver Bukowski, After NiL (Timisoara)

Monday, the 25th of April
15 o’clock -"Big brother", Videki group (Croația)
                   - "With the third", Videki group (Croația)
17 o’clock - "Consume fire, consume!", PaThalia group (Hungary)
19 o’clock - "The taming of the shrew" by William Shakespeare, NiL group (Timisoara)