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German State Theatre Timișoara
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March 31, 2023, 7:30 p.m. (Season 2022-2023)
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Friday, March 31, 2023, 7:30 p.m.-9 p.m., in the studio hall of the Hungarian State Theatre

Free for Peace

A staged reading
Courtesy of S. Fischer Verlage Publishing House. The language of the event will be German.

by Karlsruhe Women Artists Forum (GEDOK) - Concept: Karlsruhe Women Artists Forum (GEDOK)
Partners: Karlsruhe Women Artists Forum (GEDOK), Literature Circle Stafette Timișoara, German State Theatre

Given the tragedy of war, which affects the whole of Europe with its infernal machine of annihilation of people and humanity, the participating artists wish to offer a moment of solidarity with the victims through their joint project, addressing through their texts and performances the complexity of the themes of war, expulsion and annihilation.

At the same time, at the heart of the project is the search for the imprints the artists experience in their fields of life and work. The realities of the artists' lives in the twin cities of Karlsruhe and Timișoara meet in the stage reading, creating something new. Part of the creative process is to investigate cultural mechanisms that, under certain circumstances, might condense into toxic narratives, one of which is nationalism. 

Karin Bruder, with an extract from her new novel "Weiße Jahre", Ondine Dietz, who will read from her novel "Si tacuissez, Scheherezade", and Lorette Cherascu and Henrike Bradiceanu Persem, members of the German-language literary circle "Stafette" in Timișoara, will each read from their lyrical work. Actress Ida Jarcsek-Gaza will read excerpts from "Ungehaltene Reden ungehaltener Frauen" by Christine Brückner.

With the participation of: 

Ida Jarcsek-Gaza

Ondine Dietz

Karin Bruder

Henrike Bradiceanu-Persem 

Lorette Cherascu

Duration: 01:30