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German State Theatre Timișoara

9 performances from 7 countries at the 8th Eurothalia European Theatre Festival

29 August 2022

Just a few days left until the start of the Eurothalia European Theatre Festival. The 8th edition, which will take place from 21-29 September 2022, will bring to the stage of the German Theatre in Timișoara 9 contemporary theatre performances produced by companies and theatres from Romania, Germany, Portugal, France, Slovenia, the Republic of Moldova, as well as a Russian theatre company in exile in France. To complement the 9 evenings of theatre, the festival team also organized a variety of related events, from photography exhibitions, book launches, drama workshops, to film classes and dance workshops etc.

Tickets for the festival are available and can be purchased on the website and at the ticket office of the German State Theatre Timișoara (Alba Iulia street, nr. 2).

The performances, which have been selected to follow this year's festival theme - "CONFRUNTATIONS" - bring together some of the most influential names in contemporary theatre - Pascal Rambert and Théâtre du Nord (with Clôture de l'amour / The End of a Love); András Dömötör and Deutsches Theater Berlin (with karpatenflecken / Carpathians as Stains on My Skin); Mónica Calle and Teatro Nacional D. Maria II (with the performance Ensaio para uma cartografia / Rehearsal for a cartography); Leta Popescu and Reactor de creație și experiment Cluj (with the performance (In)corect) etc.

The performances of the festival will take place in the Palace of Culture, on the stage of the German Theatre and in the Studio Hall of the Hungarian Theatre. This year's selection is undertaken by Andrea Wolfer and Rudolf Herbert, and closely reflects the affective dimensions of events and statistics that echo in our common, European, understanding of contemporary events. Eurothalia 2022 starts from the premise of confrontation as an act of recognition of present realities. Breaking down the barriers of verbal communication, the festival explores the innovative dimensions of language. The program aims to confront audiences with intergenerational worldviews, relational dynamics, the sense of unease that comes with creative and artistic approaches, historical facts and voices and the role they play using the emancipatory power of theatre.

We'll be back soon with the program of related events!

The European Theatre Festival Eurothalia is part of the program Timișoara 2023 - European Capital of Culture and is funded by Timișoara City Hall.

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