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The German State Theatre Isa Berger will receive the "Stefan Jäger" Award

9 March 2017

The “Stefan Jäger” Prize for the year 2016 will be awarded to the actress of the German State Theatre Timisoara (GSTT), Isa Berger, for outstanding achievements in preserving the language, culture and traditions of Germans from Banat.
Isa Berger was born in Orsova in 1988. She graduated from “Nikolaus Lenau” Highschool in Timisoara, and in 2010 she got a degree in International Relations and European Studies, studied in German at the Faculty of Political Science, Philosophy and Communication Sciences of the University of Timisoara.

While in Timisoara she also studied acting in the German language. Since June 2013 she has been employed at the GSTT, where she has been in shows such as “Elektra”, “Noises Off”, “Spring Awakening” and “Nadirs”.

She has acquired outstanding merits in the cultivation of German expression school theatre, by coordinating the activities of the NiL groups, as well as projects within the International Youth Theatre of German Expression, today alongside her mentor, actress Isolde Cobeț.

She has participated along the way in numerous theatre workshops coordinated by the likes of Simon Schlingplässer, Radu-Alexandru Nica, Alexander Hausvater, Ida Jarcsek-Gaza, Miklós Bács, Andrea Gavriliu as well as Ștefan Lupu.

She has collaborated with the National Theatre and the Merlin Theatre in Timisoara, as well as the Dramatic theatre “I. D. Sîrbu” in Petroșani. She has played in movies and short films.

The award ceremony will be in May 2017, during the Cultural Days of Germans in Banat,

Along the years, two other members of the GSTT collective were graced with this award: actress Karina Reitsch and manager of the GSTT Lucian M. Vărșăndan.

Andreea Andrei - Artistic Consultant
Gabriela Schinderman- Secretary

Photo: Image with the actress Isa Berger. The photograph can be used in mass-media and promotional goals, including in electronic media.

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