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German State Theatre Timișoara

A review of the 69th season at the German Theatre

27 July 2022

Premieres, festival appearances, co-productions, and a second space

Dear audiences, dear old and new friends of the German Theatre, after this tumultuous period we draw the line and we are happy to announce the end of TGST's 69th season.

The end of the 2021/2022 season culminated with the participation of the production "Katzelmacher. If it wouldn’t be about love" by Rainer Werner Fassbinder, directed by Eugen Jebeleanu, on July 1st at the Sibiu International Theatre Festival FITS with a resounding national echo.

Despite the pandemic restrictions and the difficult period we all went through, this closed season counted six premieres and two revivals, and audiences were able to watch the 56 performances that have been presented on the German Theatre's stage since October 2021. We also had an online participation in the National Theatre Festival FNT in Bucharest with the performance "Après Ski - Quiet up here!" and "V.I.P. - Very Isolated Person". Same for the Off Europa Festival in Leipzig, Germany, where we presented the performance "V.I.P. - Very Isolated Person" Live on ZOOM. Furthermore, we had a collaboration with TARTproduktion Stuttgart, Germany on the production of "Stage Identities" which completed the 69th season.

A few weeks ago, the Timișoara City Council approved the transfer of use of a property in the Fabric district (next to Radio Timișoara House) to GSTT for the next 49 years. In the coming years, a second hall for the German Theatre will be set up there, which will mainly provide a development space for contemporary dramaturgy and new forms of theatre.

The German State Theatre Timișoara was also the partner or host of the guest performances "The Mountaineers of Caldeirão", exercises in fictional anthropology, "On the steps of the wind" - a lyrical-musical performance with poems by Rolf Bossert, "The Last Raid of HumanKind", a performance by the contemporary dance troupe "Contemporary Creative Dreamers" and "Synergies. Stylistic Interactions" (a performance by the German acting department of the Faculty of Music and Theatre of UVT). As usual, the German Theatre supported the younger generation by being involved in the organization of the jubilee edition of the "NiL & friends Theatre Weekend", on the occasion of the 26th anniversary of the founding of the NiL theatre group of the "Nikolaus Lenau" high school. In collaboration with TGST, NiL theatre groups have participated several times in festivals in Croatia.

Related events such as Artist Talk with the group Marginals: "30 years later" and "Artist Talk. Humans for Sale" with historian Mădălin Hodor and director Carmen Lidia Vidu, together with talks with the public organized on the occasion of various performances of the German Theatre, have succeeded in bringing the public back close to the German State Theatre in Timișoara. Last but not least, GSTT's bimonthly podcast „Ne auzim până ne vedem" has launched another 11 episodes that everyone can listen to.

Furthermore, last season we were joined by new artistic colleagues - Aida Olaru and Robert Bogdanov-Schein. Also, Enikő Blénessy returned at GSTT after a break of several years.

The 2022/2023 season will start on 28 August 2022 in the unconventional spaces of the Fabric district with the premiere of the performance The Parallel City, by Ștefan Peca, directed by Ana Mărgineanu, in collaboration with the Cultural Association "Diogene" and the Hungarian State Theatre "Csiky Gergely" Timișoara. After a 5-year break, the EUROTHALIA European Theatre Festival returns to the stage of the German State Theatre Timișoara, from 21-29 September 2022, for its eighth edition, which will focus on the theme "Confrontations". Also, we scheduled in 28 October the premiere of Anton Pavlovich Chekhov's "Cherry Orchard", staged by the Austrian guest director Volker Schmidt.

Many thanks to all the audience for their loyalty, as well as to our funders, partners, and friends for their support and attention to the German State Theatre Timișoara this season. We wish you a peaceful summer and hope to see you back in good health and with newfound strength for the 70th season of the GSTT!

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