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Our farewell to Corneliu Murgu

27 April 2021

In his profession, he was among the best, one of the most prominent artists of the world lyric scene. Alongside his coworkers from the Romanian National Opera House, Timișoara, and the opera lovers from across the world, we say goodbye to maestro


international opera central figure, former manager of the Timișoara Opera House. Renowned names of the world lyric scene were his coworkers and friends, he himself was one of them. Because of his great talent and his excellent musical performances, his professional journey, spanning 5 continents, took him to the most important theaters and opera festivals in the world, from the Vienna State Opera, to Tokyo, Munich and the New York Met, from Covent Garden in London to Johannesburg, Paris, Melbourne and Verona.

For decades he shined in some of the most important roles from the musical literature. Even though he was an international star, his statute did not impede his contact and relations with his coworkers and friends: he was humorous, intuitive, and ingenious, aspects which reflected on his almost two decades as a manager, as well as the Opera House performances, and, in the most profound way, Timisoara’s cultural life.

He was one of the few artists who could communicate in all three languages of the Theaters and Opera House, institutions quartered under the same roof, and he did it with easiness.

For the German State Theater Timișoara he always displayed a great deal of support. As such, our institution owes the Opera House, under his directorate, the success of the musical productions we made between 2007 and 2017, which wouldn’t have been possible without his availability towards collaboration.

We will keep his memory alive, alongside our eternal respect and appreciation. To his family and the mourning community, we send our deepest compassion.

May the Lord grant him eternal light!

The German State Theater Timișoara Management and Team


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