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German State Theatre Timișoara

„Frau Ildikó” has stepped of the stage. The German State Theatre Timișoara, in mourning.

9 January 2019

Born on 3rd October 1944, the actress graduated Philology at Timisoara and Acting School in Bucharest. She debuted in 1970 at the State Theatre in Botosani, before coming back to Timisoara in 1972, where, she worked at the German Theatre, where, until 2008, she performed over 70 roles. For short periods of time, she was employed at the National Theatre and the Hungarian State Theatre in Timisoara.

Parts such as those from Minna von Barnhelm, Twelfth Night, Chirita in the Province, The Broken Jug, Mother Courage (2 different stagings), Siberia, or The Chairs, performed at The German Theater, will go down as key elements in our theatric heritage.
„Frau Ildikó” was an unusual presence: sometimes she had a snub look, other times she would wink at you, occasionally she was uncompromising, she was affectionate, her tone was sometimes scolding, other times tender her presence could not be overlooked. She would see things clearly, and her subtle sense of humor would nurture a lively personality. She gracefully assumed her corpulence. She was spirited. You could fall in love with her.

She conquered using her scenic plenitude and the polysomic expressiveness, alongside the ambition and strength she was capable of while she was the theatre manager, when, in the harsh times of change, she sailed the German Theater ship towards quiet waters. For 18 hard years, marked by hope, inspiration, and the strength to not give up, she ran The German State Theatre - between 1983 and 2001.

She did everything that was needed: she performed, she directed, she translated, she taught, she led the theatre. The stake was one of utmost importance to her: redeeming the future of the German language theatre in Romania.
All this time, she was an authentic „grande dame” of the theatre.
Sophistication, polyglotism and erudition, alongside her charming vivacity, make up the profile of a notable figure which has not found its equal, even outside the theatre world.

Lucian M. Vărșăndan

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