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German State Theatre Timișoara

Incident on the evening of 4 February during a performance at the German State Theatre

5 February 2024

On the evening of Sunday, February 4, 2024, during the performance of The Cherry Orchard, which was taking place in the German State Theatre Timisoara, an incident occurred on stage involving an actress and two drivers. One of the stagehands tripped and - in his fall - caught an element of scenery which fell on him and on the actress who was supporting her role.

The performance was stopped and the emergency service 112 was called, and a medical team and a police team arrived on the scene to investigate. The medical crew examined the three employees involved, after which the actress was taken to hospital, from where she was sent home at around midnight after investigations by the emergency service.

Today, 5 February 2024, the two salaried workers reported for daily work and the actress has no rehearsals or performances scheduled.

The German State Theatre has reported the incident to the Timis Territorial Labour Inspectorate and has launched an internal investigation to establish the circumstances of its occurrence.

We thank the public for their understanding regarding the non-continuation of the performance. The spectators present on the evening of the incident can ask for a refund of the ticket price or can choose to watch another performance of the German State Theatre Timișoara until the end of March 2024.

Please contact the box office of the German State Theatre, tel +40256-435743, e-mail:,

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