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German State Theatre Timișoara

The German Theatre's first production in 2024 is Carlo Goldoni's "The Servant of Two Masters", a classic play from the world repertoire.

2 February 2024

The German State Theatre Timisoara has started rehearsals for the newest production in its repertoire - the production of The Servant of Two Masters, an adaptation of Carlo Goldoni's classic play. Niky Wolcz is the director, Helmut Stürmer the set designer and Ioana Popescu the costume designer.

Dubbed by Voltaire as the "Molière of Italy", Carlo Goldoni's life and career are closely linked to the century in which he lived and he was one of the most important literary voices of his time. Goldoni wrote over 120 plays in Italian, Venetian dialect and French, many of which are still part of the theatrical repertoire today. The Servant of Two Masters, a comedy in three acts, was published in 1745, written especially by Goldoni for one of the most famous actors of the time, Antonio Sacco. Since then it has been performed regularly on the world's most important stages.

Goldoni's importance, as noted by his contemporaries and later generations, is that he revitalized comedy, placing it in a real setting, from which he removed the fantastic, the declamation from the actors' play, and the traditional masks from the set. His texts put the emphasis on the character, on his psychology, and thus on the actor's interpretation, which thus becomes essential in conveying the message. The atmosphere is cheerful, optimistic, dynamic and evocative.

In The Servant of Two Masters, the beautiful Beatrice of Turin sets off in search of her lover Florindo, who is suspected of murder and has gone into hiding. Because we are in the 18th century, she travels unrecognised, dressed in men's clothes and accompanied by her servant Truffaldino. Without recognising each other, the two lovers meet in Venice. As if the existing entanglements were not enough, Truffaldino unwittingly creates new ones, hiring himself out as Florindo's servant. In the end, however, love, humour and joie de vivre triumph in Goldoni's most successful comedy.

Come to GSTT and let yourself be carried away by the humour of the performance of The Servant to Two Masters, a lively comedia dell'arte performed by our ensemble. The premiere is scheduled for 23 March 2024 at 7.30pm.

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