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German State Theatre Timișoara

German State Theater`s September performance schedule

11 September 2020

The German State Theater returns to stage performances. The new season will begin this fall with two performances, which will be played on stage, according to all safety measures appointed by the official institutions.

Therefore, the first performance – Romanian Diary. Timișoara, written and directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu – is programmed Saturday, September 24th 2020, 7.30 PM.

Romanian Diary. Timișoara is a multidisciplinary project, which brings together cinematography, photography and theater, and it builds upon a series of unexpurgated and immediate confessions, a genuine reflection of interpersonal relations, decisively influenced by the urban environment, but, equally so, a call to social and community involvement. The architecture of the production is determined by the actress’s biographies, which unearths the parts played by parents, friends, strangers, and the city - through its inhabitants, neighborhoods, artists and the local administration, in defining us as individuals – spanning from the nostalgia of the first experiences to the immediate present. The confessions are built almost exclusively on the life experience of the actresses, whether its junctures of happiness or pain, success and failure, trauma and depression, or alienation and belonging.




On the same day, Saturday, September 24th 2020, 7.30 PM, but on Facebook, the German State Theater will stream online Unfold Motion`s dance performance: Connecting Pleasures – concept and choreography by Lavinia Urcan and Beatrice Tudor. The video performance is part of a national tour, with streaming in several cities from Romania.

„Connecting Pleasures started as a subjective inquiry on pleasure – the way each and everyone perceives it. By interviewing different people, we gathered ideas which we used to expand our exploratory processes, by letting our bodies absorbed and rehash the information. The performance becomes the actor`s personal interpretation and it must be internalized as such.”


Stream access is free.


Lastly, Wednesday, September 28th, 7:30 PM, we will perform Blessed, written and directed by Simona Vintilă.

Blessed is a play about painful revelations, love and suffering, disease and decline, belonging and unsettling, about longing and distress and, most importantly, about the impact that an unsparing disease – Alzheimer’s – bestirs on the day to day life of a modern family. The text pens the story of the husband which is always away on business trips, of the daughter –studying abroad – and of the mother, the main character, living all alone, more and more objected by her daily routine and by the inevitable stress of quotidian life. In the empty spaces left by these relationships, illness becomes personified with the sole purpose of externalizing the anguish of the decayed family, giving wholeness to the modernity of this glass menagerie. The self referential quality of the text, gives the play a sincere and unambiguous description of the ailments which Alzheimer’s disease bestirs on those affected by this illness and, also, on the close ones.

See you soon!

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