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German State Theatre Timișoara

Rudolf Herbert, artistic manager of the German State Theatre, has passed away after a long illness

4 April 2024

Rudolf Herbert, artistic manager of the German State Theatre Timisoara, passed away on Thursday morning, April 4, 2024, after a long suffering.

Born on 17 October 1953 in Brașov and with more than three decades of experience in theatre and journalism in Romania, Germany, France and Belgium, Rudolf Herbert contributed with enthusiasm, dedication and professionalism to the artistic direction of the German State Theatre.

Theatre was his first love, making his debut as an actor in 1981 at the German section of the State Theatre in Sibiu (today the "Radu Stanca" National Theatre). From 1984, for more than three decades, he worked as a cultural editor for several important publications. He has worked for the Bucharest-based German-language daily "Neuer Weg" (today ADZ), the Cologne-based radio station Deutsche Welle and the Lyon and Brussels branches of Euronews.

In 2017 he started collaborating with the German State Theatre Timișoara as production dramaturg for some important shows in its repertoire, then, from 2021, as artistic director, being actively involved in shaping the programme of the European Theatre Festival "Eurothalia" and in choosing the titles that found their place on the theatre's bill. His artistic references were based on a thorough cultural background, fertile for a cultural dialogue in which he always felt comfortable, not least because he could communicate excellently in four languages.

His dedication to the theatre was boundless, making up - along with a clever sense of humour - a personality full of wit, zest for life and confidence.

The staff of the German State Theatre Timisoara deeply mourns this heavy loss and sends its deepest sympathy to the bereaved family and friends.

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