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German State Theatre Timișoara

The German State Theatre, present at the Pensioners Day in Timisoara

21 May 2016

The German State Theatre (GSTT) will be holding a German folk music concert
Saturday, the 21st of May 2016, at 18 o’clock
on the stage of the Summer Theatre in the Rose Park in Timisoara.
The concert, named Maiblumen (May flowers), will take place with the participation of vocal solists Dana Borteanu and Harold Schlmeltz and the GSTT orchestra, under Ioan Opra’s conducting. Among the hits interpreted are Dann und wann (Occasionally), Das rechte Wort (The right word) sau Donauschwaben (Danube Swabians).
The concert will take place within the schedule for Pensioners Day, organized by Timisoara City Hall. Pensioners Day is at its first edition, being an artistic program dedicated to all pensioners in Timisoara which consists of popular and folk music as well as modern and folk dance.

Andreea Andrei – Press Referent
Gabriela Schinderman – Secretary
Photo: Image of Dana Borteanu, actress and singer. The photograph can be used in mass-media and promotional goals, including in electronic media.

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