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German State Theatre Timișoara

The German State Theatre in Timişoara goes on a new tour to Transylvania

14 October 2008

The German State Theatre in Timişoara goes on a new tour to Transylvania
Between October 15th and 17th 2008 the German State Theatre in Timişoara (GSTT) includes in the current season its first tour to Transylvania. The theatre company will perform on stages in Satu Mare, Bistriţa and Târgu-Mureş one of the latest productions in its repertoire: "Woyzeck", by Georg Büchner.

The show was staged by German actor Georg Peetz and had its premiere in Timişoara on June 19th 2008. The distribution includes: Daniel Ghidel, Andrea Nistor, Ioana Iacob, Christine Cizmaş, Radu Miodrag Vulpe. Georg Peetz also signed the scenography, while costumes were created by Carmen Gaza.

About the play: Woyzeck, a simple soldier, is tormented by nightmares and depressions. This state of mind turns him into a paid guinea pig, and various diets are tested on him. Woyzeck accepts this compromise in order to provide for Marie and the child they had together. The situation takes a radical turn when he realizes Marie was unfaithful to him.

The play revolves around the problem of the human existence dependent upon external factors and the extent to which our actions are determined by a specific context. The above mentioned creation of Büchner's, drafted around 1836/1837, and is considered to be the first social drama of the German dramatic literature.

The project benefits from the support of the Stuttgart Institute for Foreign Relations.

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