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The German Theatre celebrates the 150th anniversary of the "Nikolaus Lenau" High School

17 May 2023

This year the Nikolaus Lenau High School, where two Nobel Prize winners, the writer Herta Müller and the physicist Stefan Walter Hell, studied, celebrates, retroactively (the anniversary was in 2020, but due to the pandemic these events were postponed), 150 years of existence. Thus, from 18-20 May 2023, the management of the educational institution is organizing several events and moments to mark this date.

The German Theatre, which is in close cooperation with the Lenau High School - by supporting and organizing the NiL theatre troupes; the NiL Theatre Weekend and the International Festival of School and Youth Theatre of German Expression - will participate in this festive moment with the performance Humans. For Sale, directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu, which will be performed on 18 May 2023, starting at 7.30 pm. Some of the actors in the show are graduates of the Lenau High School, who chose acting because they were part of the NiL Theatre Company, coordinated since its foundation by Isolde Cobeț, an actress of GSTT.

The performance is intended for an audience of graduates of the "Nikolaus Lenau" High School, officials of German institutions and the German community, both at home and abroad.

Representing the second collaboration of director Carmen Lidia Vidu with TGST, the performance Humans. For Sale is a documentary theatre project, which, like "Romanian Diary. Timișoara", brings together film, theatre and photography.
While official propaganda warns of the "abysses" of the free world, the biggest human trafficking of the 20th century is probably taking place in Romania. "Humans. For Sale" exposes the trade in ethnic Germans from communist Romania, who between 1969 and 1989 were sold to the Federal Republic of Germany. It is a show about the disappearance of a community, the efforts its members make to leave the hostile environment in which they live and the demonization of their desire to dare to dream of their future in a freer and more citizen-friendly state.

Performers: Ioana Iacob, Oana Vidoni, Daniela Török, Alexandru Mihăescu, Harald Weisz, Robert Bogdanov-Schein
Directed by Carmen Lidia Vidu (guest); Multimedia: Cristina Baciu (guest); Costumes and set assistance: Ioana Popescu; Dramaturgy: Rudolf Herbert; Live video and music: Ovidiu Zimcea; Illustrations: Gabriela Schinderman (guest); Assistant Director: Richard Hladik; Make-up: Bojita Ilici; Technical direction: Adrian Georgescu.

Video appearances: Heinz Günther Hüsch, Stelian Octavian Andronic, Johann Schaas, Germina Nagâț, Mădălin Hodor, Hanni Hüsch, Cornel Hüsch.

The full programme of the celebrations organised by the "Nikolaus Lenau" High School can be found in German here:

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