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GSTT attending festivals in Bucharest and Chisinau

23 May 2016

The German State Theatre (GSTT) will be attending two festivals in the last week of May, one in Bucharest and one in Chisinau (Republic of Moldavia).
Thus, the show „The Fuchsiad” is invited at the Romanian Comedy Festival, to be played on
Tuesday, the 24th of May, at 20 o’clock
in the Majestic Hall of the Odeon Theatre in Bucharest.
The Romanian Comedy Festival - festCO- is produced by the Comedy Theatre in Bucharest. The XIVth edition will take place from the 21st until the 29th of May 2016, the selection being attributed to theatre critic Doina Papp. “The Fuchsiad”, Urmuz’s “heroic-erotic and musical poem”, in the German version of Oskar Pastior, is a theatrical installation imagined by Helmut Stürmer, assisted by Silviu Purcărete. The music for the show is composed by Vasile Șirli, the set design is signed by Helmut Stürmer and costumes are by Corina Grămoșteanu. Scenographer Helmut Stürmer, assisted by director Silviu Purcărete, brings homage to writer Urmuz and his epoque through this staging, which plays an important role in avant-garde art as well as contemporary literature.
The show “derdiedans” will be participating in the International Festival of Performing Arts BITEI, in Chisinau, the Republic of Moldavia on
Friday, the 27th of May 2016, at 20 o ‘clock
in the Hall of the Dramatic Russian State Theatre “A.P.Chekhov”.
The International Festival of Performing Arts BITEI („Eugène Ionesco” Theatre Biennale), now reaching its 12th edition, will take place between 27 May and 5 June 2016, comprising of theatre, dance and music performances from Belarus, South Korea, France, Israel, Japan, Poland, Republic of Moldavia, Romania, Russia and Ukraine. The GSTT participation is backed by the Romanian Cultural Institute.
“derdiedans” performance is a collective creation, coordinated by choreographer Florin Fieroiu. The set design and costumes are signed by Cristina Milea. The ten performers – Ioana Iacob, Daniela Török, Olga Török, Silvia Török, Anne-Marie Waldeck, Franz Kattesch, Konstantin Keidel, Georg Peetz, Horia Săvescu and Radu Vulpe are accompanied by Vlaicu Golcea’s music. GSTT’s opening towards movement theatre has generated invitations for the show from several festivals, from Arad to Tbilisi in Georgia.
Both shows feature translation to Romanian.
Andreea Andrei - Press referent
Gabi Schinderman - Secretary
Photo: Image from “The Fuchsiad”, GSTT production. The photograph can be used in mass-media and promotional goals, including in electronic media.

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