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The NiL Theatre group of the Lenau Highschool is playing in Osijek, Croatia

17 June 2017

The NiL Theatre group of the „Nikolaus Lenau” Highschool is participating at the 17th edition of the International Youth Theatre Festival in German, in Osijek , Croatia, which will be from the 16th untill the 19th of June 2017. The students of the German highschool in Timisoara have a performance on the 17th of June, “Towards home” by Ludmila Razumovskaya, on the stage of the Chidlren’s Theater in Osijek. This will also be the last performance of the NiL group before the holidays.

Also, within the festival, actresses Isolde Cobeț and Isa Berger of the German State Theatre Timisoara (GSTT) will conduct specialized workshops with festival participants, young people who came this year from Croatia, Poland, Romania, Serbia and Hungary.

The Osijek Festival aims to revive the rich German tradition of the on the banks of Drave, and bring the German language back to the stage. The manifestation is organized by the German Community - The Danube Swabian Association in Osijek, with the support of the National Minorities Council of the Republic of Croatia, the Embassy of Germany in Zagreb and the City of Osijek.

The activity of the NiL youth theater group is part of the theatrical pedagogy program of the GSTT and is supported by the Timisoara Municipality and the Friends of the Lenau Lyceum Association in Germany.

Andreea Andrei - Artistic Consultant

Gabriela Schinderman - Secretary

Photo: Image from the show „Towards home“. The photograph can be used in mass-media and promotional goals, including in electronic media.

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