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German State Theatre Timișoara

NiL Youth Theatre Weekend

27 March 2017

The NiL theatre group of the "Nikolaus Lenau" Theoretical High School, in collaboration with the German State Theatre Timisoara (GSTT) is organizing the “NiL Youth Theatre weekend” from the 31st of March till the 1st of April 2017, on the stage of the German Theatre.

The NiL theatre groups are structured by age and their activity, coordinated by GSTT actresses Isolde Cobeţ and Isa Berger, constitute one of the fundamental projects in theatre training in the German language.

Actress Isolde Cobeț declares about the activity of the NiL groups: “At NiL we are like a big family. After 20 years of existence, my great satisfaction is that these children won’t forget the theatre experiences they have had with the group and foremost that almost half the actors today at the GSTT learned their theatre basics at NiL. Former members have remained faithful to theatre in other cities in the country as well as abroad. It’s their merit, all of them, because they knew to listen and express themselves on stage.”

The NiL group was established in 1996 by actor Christian Bormann from Germany, participating along the years in numerous school and youth theatre festivals in Croatia, Germany, Ukraine, Hungary and Romania.

The program for “NiL Weekend” (all performances will be in the GSTT Hall, and will feature Romanian translation):

Friday, the 31st of March 2017
17 o’clock: “Max and Moritz” by Wilhelm Busch (NiL Junior group)
19 o’clock: “Games in the backyard” by Edna Mazia (NiL group)

Saturday, the 1st of April 2017
17 o’clock: “Women in the mirror”, a collage by Isolde Cobeț (NiL group)
19 o’clock: “Towards home” by Ludmila Razumovskaia (NiL group)

Tickets can be bought:
- at the box office of the German State Theatre (Alba Iulia street, no. 2)
Opening hours: Tuesday – Friday: 10-15 and 17-19;
Saturday: 10-15 or one hour before the performance;
- online on and The online interface offers the possibility of buying and printing the tickets on the personal computer.

Andreea Andrei - Artistic Consultant
Gabriela Schinderman- Secretary

Photo: Image from the show “Women in the mirror”. The photograph can be used in mass-media and promotional goals, including in electronic media.

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