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German State Theatre Timișoara

Drama School


Faculty of Music and Theatre
Department of Acting in German Language
Piata Libertatii 1
RO - 300077 TIMIŞOARA / Romania
Telephone / Fax: +40-(0)256-592654


Drama School: Performing Arts – Acting in German language

Number of study places: 10 study places per academic year (6 state-financed study places and 4 fee-paying study places)

Duration of studies: four years (8 semesters); BA

Short description: 

The Department of Performing Arts – Acting in German Language within the Faculty of Music and Theatre at the West University of Timisoara was founded in 1992 with the main goal of training professional actors both for the German language stages in Romania – in Timisoara and Sibiu – and abroad. A central role in training is played by the discovery and development of the artistic persona through improvisation exercises, role studies, performances in both conventional and unconventional spaces, as well as theatrical practice. The teachers are motivated, professional theatre practitioners, actors and directors who promote an up-to-date and direct contact between training and theatre work. For many years there has been a close collaboration with The German State Theatre Timisoara, the German Cultural Centre Timisoara as well as with several other cultural institutions in Romania and in Europe. Well-known professors from German speaking countries offer permanently workshops. Internationalization, permanent communication with European theatre schools, authentic dialogue and exchange of know-how, total openness to novelty and quality are essential. Among the studied disciplines: acting, improvisation, scenic movement, dance, voice training, breathing techniques and yoga, theatre history, rhetoric, art history and aesthetics (all in German).


Bilateral exchanges and cooperation:

  • ERASMUS+ bilateral exchange with the Performing Arts - Acting departments from: Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst Graz; „Anton Bruckner”; Privatuniversität für Musik, Schauspiel und Tanz Linz; Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien; Folkwang Universität der Künste Essen; Hochschule für Künste im Sozialen Ottersberg; Martin Luther Universität Halle-Wittenberg;
  • participation in numerous international projects and student festivals in Bern, Chemnitz, Essen, Graz, Hanover, Potsdam, Rostock, Vienna.



Associate Professor Alina Mazilu, PhD;; 0040728116180



a) Admission

Candidates must submit an entrance exam in July or September (for the exact dates and application deadline please visit

Entrance exam consists of:

  • recital (3 poems): a fable, a poem of force, a lyrical poem;
  • a monologue;
  • a short story;
  • a song.


Rhythmical aptitudes will also be tested. The applicants will be asked to perform improvisation exercises together, in order to test their spontaneity and adaptability to given stage situations. High school graduation exam GPA accounts for 10% of the entrance exam grade.


b) Conditions for admission:

  • high school graduation with diploma;
  • good knowledge of German, at least B1 level;
  • passing the entrance exam.


c) Tuition fees:

  • for Romanian, EU-citizens and citizens from Switzerland, there is a number of state-financed study places (6 places);
  • other admitted applicants may opt, in order of the entrance exam grades, for a fee-paying study place (4 places, currently 10.000 RON / 2000 EUR per year).