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German State Theatre Timișoara

The Little Match Girl

based on Hans Christian Andersen
Directed by: Simona Vintilă

A little girl is walking barefoot and sad on the streets decorated in the spirit of Christmas, trying to sell matches. She is so cold that she lights her first match. In the light of that match, she feels as though she's sitting before a heated stove. However, the feeling lasts just as long as the match is burning. Gradually, the little girl lights the rest of the matches and she slips into a deeper state of dreaming. Finally, she meets her grandmother and asks her to take her with her to heavens.

Premiere: December 8, 2013, 11 a.m.
Duration: 00:50


The narrator / The grandmother
Tatiana Sessler-Toami

The little girl
Caroline Bicu

The placer / Citizen / Theater employee
Isolde Cobeţ

The first spectator / The Father
Franz Kattesch

The second spectator / Sven
Boris Gaza

The third spectator / Jan
Horia Săvescu (a. G.)

Citizens / Theater employees

Anne-Marie Waldeck
Stage Direction
Simona Vintilă

Set and costumes
Ioana Popescu

Valerie Seufert (a.G.)

Dan Simion (a.G.)

Hellen Ganser (a. G.)

Stage speech
Linda Moog

Prompter and stage direction internship
Oana Vidoni

Technical direction
Constantin Ene

Lucia Preda (a. G.)

Press excerpts

"The issue is how to translate  astory into a stage play, so it can still be perceived as a story, without hindering its relation to the emotional load. Director Simona Vintilă invents yet another story; how do we find actors to interpret the characters. Namely, a way to introduce the little spectators in the magic of the play to which they also participate, in the Studio Hall of the German State Theatre Timișoara. Already specialised in staging for children, Simona Vintilă feels and knows how to work with means of expression, to convey the charm of the story together with the emotions and even the dramatic meanings of the events."

Ion Jurca Rovina in: Teatrul Azi, March 2014