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German State Theatre Timișoara

The Human Foolishness

by Ion Creangă –– Directed by: Simona Vintilă

How many types of stupidity are there? How does it register and what is the proper way of dealing with it? And, most of all, what are we going to do with the salt block? These are some questions which ” The Human Foolishness”, directed by Simona Vintilă, tries to answer.  The play, inspired from the story written by Ion Creangă, dedicated to children, and performed with a modern approach, tells the story of a group of school kids who stage, according to their own understanding, the famous encounters of the traveler who discovers in his journeys bigger fools than the ones from his own village. Agreeable, funny, honest, genuine, rounded by the original music, and summed up by the pay-off: ”” To be foolish is to be human, and it can be remedied.”         

Premiere: December 14, 2018, 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 00:50


Dana Borteanu

Schoolgirl 1
Daniela Török

Schoolgirl 2
Isa Berger

Schoolgirl 3
Tatiana Sessler-Toami

Schoolgirl 4
Simona Vintilă

Schoolboy 1
Harald Weisz

Schoolboy 2
Radu Brănici

Schoolboy 3
Richard Hladik
Stage direction
Simona Vintilă

Assistan director
Rareș Hontzu

Technical direction
Costinel Stănescu

Set and costumes
Zsolt Fehérvári (a.G.)

Cristian Ienciu

Original score
Alex Halka (a.G.)