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German State Theatre Timișoara


Joe Masteroff –– music: John Kander –– lyrics: Fred Ebb –– based on John van Druten's play "I am a Camera" and on a book written by Christopher Isherwood –– German version by Robert Gilbert –– short version for orchestra by Chris Walker –– Stage direction and choreography by Răzvan Mazilu

In 1930s Berlin, when Nazism came to power, Sally Bowles, a young singer and dancer in a night club called Kit Kat, falls in love with Cliff Bradshaw, an American whose dream was to become a novelist. At the same time, though of old age, Ms Schneider and Mr Schultz are living their own delicate love story, which cannot materialize into marriage because he is Jewish. Between humour and resignation, ludic and decadent, fulfilled dreams and shattered ones, the fate of the characters in the musical "Cabaret" are marked by a political and social context whose influence is just at the beginning. 

"Cabaret" – a world of fascination and deceit at the same time, whose scenic depiction and songs that have become hits of the genre, won the hearts of millions from the very first staging, in 1966. 

Premiere: February 27, 2014, 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 02:30


Sally Bowles
Daniela Török

Georg Peetz (a.G.)

Cliff Bradshaw
Konstantin Keidel (a.G.)

Mrs. Schneider
Ida Jarcsek-Gaza

Mr. Schultz
Christian Bormann

Mrs. Kost
Dana Borteanu
Tatiana Sessler-Toami

Ernst Ludwig
Radu Vulpe (a.G.)

Olga Török

Silvia Török

Anne-Marie Waldeck

Cristina Romândaşu

Suzana Vrânceanu

Horia Săvescu (a.G.)

Richard Hladik

Max, the club owner
Franz Kattesch

Two Ladies: Anne-Marie Waldeck / Olga Török, Horia Săvescu

Gorilla-Mädchen: Suzana Vrânceanu

Sailors: Horia Săvescu, Richard Hladik, Aljoscha Cobeţ

Two nazis: Richard Hladik, Aljoscha Cobeţ

Orchestra: Gianluca Vanzelli, Cosmin Hărşian, Călin Pop, Marius Roman, Cristian Ilie, Nicolae Bialiş, Dorin Tereu, Sergiu Cârstea, Emil Ionescu, Valentina Peetz, Ionuţ Dorobanţu, Szamtártó Zsolt, Sorina Savii, Valentin Tătaru

Choreography and stage direction
Răzvan Mazilu

Set and costumes
Dragoș Buhagiar

Music direction
Peter Oschanitzky

Stage speech
Linda Moog

Assistant director
Alexandra Didilescu
Rareș Hontzu

Practician for stage direction
Isolde Cobeţ

Assistant scenographer
Ioana Popescu

Assistant choreographer
Hellen Ganser

Technical direction
Costinel Stănescu
Constantin Ene

Musical training
Angela Balici
Valentina Peetz

Light design
Botond Nosz

Lucia Preda

Assistant make-up
Sînziana Fehérvári

Vali Velimirovici

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