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German State Theatre Timișoara

The Jungle Book

based on Rudyard Kipling –– Stage direction and choreography: Răzvan Mazilu

Surtitles: RO

Age limit: 6+

The Jungle Book tells the story of the man cub Mowgli, raised in the Indian jungle by wolves. His friends, the wise panther Bagheera and the fun bear Baloo warn him of the danger lurking: the tiger Shere Khan is to return to those parts of the jungle. Despite Mowgli’s desire to remain in the jungle, Bagheera and Baloo plan to take him to a nearby village. A road filled with peril follows, where Mowgli must face King Louie, king of the monkeys as well as the sly snake Kaa.  The musical under Răzvan Mazilu’s direction along with the colourful scenography signed by Dragoș Buhagiar with the contribution of Ioana Popescu, speaks in a charming manner about friendship and family, to both children and adults alike. The show is an adaptation based on Rudyard Kipling’s stories, but shall not be without the animated picture’s hits, like The Bare Necessities and I wanna be like you.

Surtitles: RO

Age limit: 6+ 

Premiere: November 19, 2022, 6 p.m.
Duration: 01:40


David Săracu (a.G.)
Ștefan Bogdan (a.G.)

Shaman, the Storyteller
Marc Illich

Bagheera, the Panther
Daniela Török

Baloo, the Bear
Harald Weisz

King Louie, King of the monkeys
Dana Borteanu

Shere Khan, the Tiger
Bülent Özdil

Kaa, the Snake
Rareș Hontzu

Elephants: Colonel Hathi, the head of the elephants troop
Franz Kattesch

Elephants: Winifred, wife of Colonel Hathi
Isolde Cobeţ
Luca Graziano Marcu (a.G.)

Elephants: Junior, the child
Darius Ardelean (a.G.)

Akela, the Father Wolf
Boris Gaza

Raschka, the Mother Wolf
Isa Berger

Vultures: Ziggy
Oana Vidoni

Vultures: Dizzy
Olga Török

Vultures: Flaps
Radu Brănici

Vultures: Buzzle
Robert Bogdanov-Schein

Crazy monkey
Richard Hladik

Shanti, the Indian Girl
Lara Mazilu (a.G.)
Maria Lupoian (a.G.)

Elephants, Monkeys, Wolfs
Andreea Mihalic (a.G.)
Alina Mihai (a.G.)
Darius Agrima (a.G.)
Olga Sfetcu (a.G.)
Gustavo Ferreira (a.G.)
Alexandru Pîntea (a.G.)
Sergiu Mihalic (a.G.)
Raisa Kadar (a.G.)

Sound design live: Percussion
Sorina Savii (a. G.)

Sound design live: Hang
Nadayana (a.G.)
Stage direction and choreography
Răzvan Mazilu (a. G.)

Set and costumes
Dragoș Buhagiar (a. G.)

with the participation of
Ioana Popescu

Andrei Cozlac (a. G.)

Light design
Dragoș Buhagiar (a. G.)
Alin Popa (a.G.)

Music production
Alexei Țurcan (a.G.)

Stage speech training
Sven Thor (a.G.)

Zsolt Fehérvári (a.G.)

Assistant director
Isa Berger
Oana Vidoni

Assistant choreography
Hellen Ganser (a. G.)

Musical rehearsal
Roxana Ardeleanu (a. G.)

Bojita Ilici

3D Set Project
Vladimir Iuganu (a.G.)

Technical direction
Costinel Stănescu

Children's coordinator
Isolde Cobeţ