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German State Theatre Timișoara

A Midsummer Night's Dream

Adapted from the work of William Shakespeare –– Direction: Kristóf Szabó (a. G.)

Despite the fairy-tale plot and the merry confusion in which the play's characters get entangled, Shakespeare also reveals the dark sides of love: jealousy and possessiveness, the struggle for power and the fight between the sexes. In the early 19th century, Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy composed the overture and incidental music for A Midsummer Night's Dream, and in the 20th century Benjamin Britten wrote the opera of the same name. There are film adaptations of the drama, including the classic created by Max Reinhardt and William Dieterle in Hollywood in 1935, and John Neumeier's ballet, now playing in Hamburg and in the repertoire of many major European cultural institutions...

Surtitles: RO/EN

Age limit: 16+

Premiere: March 4, 2023, 7:30 p.m.
Duration: 01:30


servants to Hippolyta
Simona Vintilă

Theseus, Duke of Athens
Bülent Özdil

Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons
Daniela Török

Lysander, Hermia's Lover
Rareș Hontzu

Marc Illich

Hermia, Daughter of Egeus, in love with Lysander
Oana Vidoni

Helena, în love with Demetrius
Ioana Iacob

Egeus, Hermia's Father
Franz Kattesch

Philostrate, Master of Ceremonies at the court of Theseus
Isolde Cobeţ

Oberon, King of the Fairies
Bülent Özdil

Titania, Queen of the Fairies
Daniela Török
Olga Török

Robin Goodfellow, called Puck, a sprite with magical powers
Yannick Becker

Alma Diaconu

Aida Olaru

Isa Berger

Silvia Török

Squenz, the Woodworker
Enikő Blénessy

Zettel, the Weaver
Boris Gaza

Flaut, the bellows-mender
Robert Bogdanov-Schein

Schnauz, the Tinker
Harald Weisz

Schnock, the Carpenter
Tatiana Sessler-Toami

Schlucker, the Tailor
Alexandru Mihăescu

An elf
Simona Vintilă

servants to Hippolyta
Harald Weisz
Isa Berger
Robert Bogdanov-Schein
Alma Diaconu
Radu Brănici
Aida Olaru

servants to Theseus
Daniel Ghidel
Alexandru Mihăescu

Flower of Love-Madness
Richard Hladik

Simona Vintilă
Kristóf Szabó (a.G.)

Sets and Costumes
Ioana Groza (a.G.)
Șteff Chelaru (a.G)

Rudolf Herbert

Stage Speech
Teresa Finke (a.G)

Ivó Kovács (a.G.)

József Iszlai (a.G.)

Direction Assistance
Enikő Blénessy
Richard Hladik

Bojita Ilici

Technical Direction
Costinel Stănescu

choreography for the two Puck
Olga Török

Light design
Cosmin Anania

Press excerpts

”Kristóf Szabó's Midsummer Night's Dream at TGST would terrify/anger the purists. The director completely changes the Shakespearean register. We are no longer watching a comic fairy tale, but a show where the grotesque predominates, the fictional setting is populated by tyrants, and the stage blames misogyny and the treatment of women as subservient to men. There was intense rehearsal, days of workshops in search of the best artistic solutions, filming everything that was worked on, then sorting it all out and keeping what you see on the ramp. Puck is multiplied into two, a he and a she, the structuring principles of life announcing in subtext the director's intentions to take Shakespeare's play along this line of approach in the concerns of the present. An alert projection of dynamic cityscape places the action in the present, and the shift in emphasis demonstrates constancy in the aggregation of the new vision. The costumes are inventive-suggestive, the choreography (imagined by the actors themselves, each in turn) contributes to the tempo, I didn't mind the dynamism proposed by the director, for what he reworks is rigorous, has unified foundations. It's his Dream... created on the bard's words, a reaffirmation of today's convictions about feminism (there are a few women in Fundulea's troupe), a premise that holds up.”